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Small Walnut Side Table

author-gravatar JoeM Nov 10, 2018

Small shaker style walnut table. hand cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joinery, pegged with riven oak pegs. Finished using Waterlox oil finish. rubbed, polished and waxed. Removable bottom shelf. Hand turned knob of Gaboon Ebony. 

Legs compared to plans

Dry fit legs and aprons

Tapers cut on legs

Tapers planed smooth

Cross brace mortices cut

Cross braces in place

two stretchers ?

One stretcher?

mortices cut

One it is

dovetails on rear of drawer

Oak pins pointed

Dowel plate used

Dowel pins sized

Trimed after gluing

Front drawer dovetails

finished stretcher

Top finished

Top again

And again

removable shelf placed on top of stretcher and cross braces

Front, turned ebony knob

again front


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And again, you nailed it with this one! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

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