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Pooja Mandir Home Temple

author-gravatar WoodshopJockey Nov 14, 2018

This project was for a neighbor who stopped by one day while I was tinkering around in my garage shop. He showed me a photo and asked if I could build something like it, and I thought he was nuts!  Always up for challenge, I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this project. In the end, I learned how to do a lot of things I had never thought to try before (like making the box and drawers shorter, making it easy to assemble and take apart, using crown molding upside down...) and I was absolutely blown away by the results! Total build time ~40 hours, total finish time ~12 hours (at least 5 of those hours were spent whining about finishing...).

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1.  That is awesome!

2.  You are quite a good neighbor!  I always have people come by and ask me to fix a drawer or glue something back together, but this is over the top neighborly.

Nice work!

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