Walnut and Maple Desk

This desk is being built for a client who came to me with a perfect set of design requirements... almost none. The exact request was, "Looking at something around: 55" long x 30" deep x 32" high. One row of drawers. The rest would be all you. No hurry, as in even this year". Talk about a perfect request!

I would say I got right to work, but that would be a bold faced lie. I spent several months toying with different design ideas before finally having enough of a picture in my head to be able draw out the design. It features hand cut dovetail joinery that is proudly displayed, a gentle curve across the front that is mirrored in the lower case, and a set of curved legs that create a visual break from the sharp angles of the rest of the desk. 

The major parts of the desk structure are made from air dried walnut, with spalted maple drawer fronts and sub-top. Maple is also used for the construction of the five drawer boxes. 

Walnut and Maple Desk (Sketchup 2019).skp
Walnut and Maple Desk (Sketchup 2018).skp

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