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Christmas Cutting Boards

author-gravatar MrZipper Dec 27, 2018

I put together a few simple cutting boards as Christmas gifts this year. This was my first time working with rough sawn lumber -- hard maple, cherry, and walnut. Although I own a small 4" jointer, I don't have a planer, so all of the flattening needed to be done by hand. After the glue-ups, I flattened and sanded to 320, then finished with mineral oil and beeswax. They're not perfect by any means, but I think they turned out pretty well!

Coming home from the lumber yard, managed to fit 8' boards into the small sedan.

Cherry, walnut, and maple on the right, assorted offcuts and unsellable boards given away for free on the left.

Rough cut to approximate sizes, and flattened on two sides.

Glue-up in progress. Turns out I only had eight clamps that were wide enough, so I had to take turns.

Glue-up complete, this one turned out fairly well, but the other two were pretty uneven.

Flattening in progress.

Flattening and sanding complete!

First coat of mineral oil.

All done! Thanks for viewing!


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