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First Project: Mallet

author-gravatar MrZipper Sep 14, 2016

Joiner's mallet made from maple with red oak handle. Lots of firsts for me: glue-up, chiseling, finishing, mitered cuts at the table saw, etc., all done with fairly limited tools.
Based on plans from:

Raw materials: 4" maple and 2" red oak from the big box store.

Skipped a few steps, but part two of the initial glue-up, leaving space for the handle tenon.

Finishing the lamination. I suddenly understand what they say about having too many clamps. I did not expect the glue to be so slippery, and ended up with rather uneven edges.

The shoulder/cheek for the handle tenon were done by nibbling at it with the table saw. But I had no good way to cut the slots in the tenon. I ended up doing a "stopped rip" with the table saw then clearing out the rest (next pic) with a ~6tpi handsaw. I then attempted to shape the handle with chisels, metal files, and sandpaper (no rasp!).

With the head and handle done, I got my wedges ready: the off-cuts from the mitered cut on the mallet head. The grain direction and angle is all wrong, but without a tenoning jig, I couldn't think of another safe way to cut them, so I just went with what I had.

Gluing the wedges into the handle.

One was a little narrow, and the other had a bit of tearout, but overall not too bad!

The edges of the head were rounded over slightly, and the whole thing was sanded to 220.

Finished with a single coat of Danish Oil. Probably should have done another, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out!

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That's a nice looking mallet! Thanks for sharing.

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