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Workshop Cabinets

author-gravatar Retir3d Jan 03, 2019

The previous owner of our house had a 20' length of plywood with 2x2 legs along one wall as a workbench.  I proceeded to load junk up on the horizontal surface and stack stuff below it.  I want a more functional space, and envisioned a planer station, miter saw station and a multi-task station between cabinets with drawers. 

I took a plan I found in the Sketchup Warehouse and modified it to fit my building style (oh, who are we kidding... what style?) and space.  I'm in the middle of the cabinet build, and am very, very slow.  I'll update as more gets completed.  The cabinet and drawers are all constructed out of 3/4" ply, glued and kreg screwed together.  The slides are rated at 100".  The cabinet has additional 2"x3" (milled from construction grade 2x4s) bracing).  The top is clad in Formica laminate.  Not pretty but functional.


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