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Box 37 - Afromosia With End Grain Walnut Pulls

author-gravatar MarksWoodworking Apr 12, 2017

This is the first of the boxes I've made for the 52 boxes competition.  I picked the afromosia because of its straight grain and accented it with a dark blue milk paint.  The walnut goes great with the afromosia, and I wanted to use end grain on the pulls for added interest.  Honestly I like it but I'm not over the moon.  I got the miters tight but there are tiny gaps around the end grain walnut pulls that I can't not see.  Tiny gaps stand out on tiny boxes like a MF.  Otherwise I love it and I'm starting to see the allure of making tiny boxes.

Final product first.

Fabric is from a tie I loved but was like 2 inches too short so I never wore it.  Once every month or two I'd try to put it on - "This is a great tie, why don't I ever wear it?" - but then the little tail was too short to tuck into the loop on the back and it would bug the shit out of me, and I would wind up putting on another tie.  Little guy does me proud in the bottom of the box though.

With marking knife for scale.

Cutting the afromosia to width (not pictured: resawing)

Surface prep.  Don't worry, since this photo I've taken the screw out of the plane stop.

My first miter shooting board - used with a block plane.  Worked ok but was only like 99% square so I had to make another.  

Blue tape glue-up.  You may notice the lack of rabbet on one end of the box.  That's because this was originally going to be box 25.  After glue-up, however, I realized I wasn't 100% square so there was no way to make a second box to fit perfectly into this box.  I was pretty pissed for a while but then figured I could reconfigure into box 37.

Box body assembled

I bought 4 colors of milk paint - this is different colors and different mixes of colors.  I went with the darkest blue.

Resawing veneer.  My first time trying veneer.  It's not as daunting as I'd feared - at least not on a project this small.

Aforementioned tie.  It's a fancy label but I got it for $3 at a thrift store.  Also you can see the completed box body.  You can also see where I cut out the veneered top from the 1/4" ply.

End gran walnut for the pulls, laminated to long grain for stability.  

Mortise for the pulls.  

And done.  You can see the tiny gap around the handles in this photo.  I guess it's not glaring but it's all I see when I look at it.  

At any rate, thanks for looking.  Up next - two versions of box 25.


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