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Clark Kellogg's Wall Cabinet From Fww No. 263

author-gravatar MarksWoodworking May 04, 2018

I've always loved Kellogg's work and I was psyched when his wall cabinet appeared in FWW last fall, complete with detailed dimensions and instructions.  It is all quartersawn beech (spalted piece for the doors) with shopmade cocobolo pulls.  I deviated from the original in a few minor respects - the pulls and the cabinet back are different in Kellogg's, the lumber I selected required slightly different overall dimensions, and I threw some magnets into the case so you can use it as a key holder - but otherwise stuck with the source material as best I could.  

A few finish photos and a few build photos.  I didn't stop to take many build picks unfortunately.  

I got the QS beech online.  It's a lot softer than I was expecting which made working with handtools pretty easy.  I got the curves on the doors, for example, by just using a hand plane with a camber.

The back is strips of shopsawn veneer glued to ply.  

I cut the cocobolo pulls on the bandsaw then formed the curve with a spindle sander chucked into a drill press.  Made quick work of them, actually.  Glued in with epoxy and a small nail to act as a dowel.  I wound up adding another toothpick dowel because the pulls started to spin a little on the metal "dowels."  So, ultimately, I have the strength of metal but the glue bond of wood, albeit a toothpick, holding these guys on. 

This project marked my first hand-cut dovetails.  Here's my setup on the kitchen counter.  Drawer fronts are more of the beech; drawer sides are basswood.

Chop chop chop...

Not perfect but I'll take it for the first time out of the gate.

Bonus - Magnetic key holder!!  I buried three rare earth magnets into the side of the case so you can slap your keys on there.

Here's the cavity where I hogged out space for the magnets, epoxy'd them in, and covered with veneer.  Hidden by the drawer of course.  

Thanks for looking!!

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Such an elegant piece. Great job! 

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