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author-gravatar Timmy2Hands Aug 03, 2017

This set started back in February when I made the small Walnut Burl box.

I quickly decided that it needed a bigger brother, shortly after that the bigger box got a fraternal twin. Now I have a set.

Like I said, this all started with this little gem back in February.

This little box was so well received that I had to make another. 

I kept the design and construction exactly the same, I just scaled it up a bit.

I think they make a lovely pair.

I think I'll make a third box to match the larger one but this time I'll play with materials instead of scale. I'll make it out of Tiger Maple.

At the last minute I made a terrible mistake and added a dark walnut stain. I ended up with this monstrosity. I nearly threw up, I hate this piece.

Back to the drawing board, well, shooting board in this case.

By the way, that's the Veritas Miter Plane. It's now my dedicated shooting plane, freeing up my low angle jack for other tasks. It is so much more comfortable to use.

I grabbed the craziest pice of Tiger Maple that I had and quickly got back to work.

I used my dove tail saw to cut in the corners and inserted walnut veneer to reenforce the miters.

The piece for the lid is actually the offcut from the lid on the large burl box and when the two are side by side the grain runs right across the two boxes.

This is the first coat of finish. I flood the surface three times in an hour and then wipe the excess. Let it cure for a couple of days, burnish it with steel wool and then apply furniture wax. I buff it out with a shoe shine brush.

So the fraternal twin is born. I really like how the grain runs across the lids.

Now I have my trifecta.

Thanks for following along, I hope you liked it.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below.


3 Amazing boxes. That tiger maple is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

How do you like that miter plane in comparison to their dedicated shooting plane?

@Clock_Man , I never used the Veritas shooting plane. They are priced very similarly, but what led me to choose this one is this David Barron video where he discusses hand position for shooting. I figured I might as well get the one that is designed for my hand to be in the position that I like anyway. This plane is nice and heavy and maintains good momentum through the cut. I like it a lot, I shoot every piece of every project I do so a dedicated plane made sense for me to invest in.

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