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Winding Sticks

author-gravatar Timmy2Hands Dec 11, 2019

Winding Sticks are essential tools when flattening stock with hand planes.

I made this set with some left over quarter sawn Cherry.

The Ebony strip is from and the "Ivory" pieces are actually Micarta and sold as Gibson guitar nuts from

18" wide x 1 1/4" tall x 11/16" deep, with a 7 degree bevel cut on the back side of each piece so that the working faces are straight up and down.

Sorry I didn't get any pictures from the build.

#cherry #winding-sticks

Photo of Winding Sticks

The dots in the center are Ebony. I used a dowel plate to make them, they do not go all the way through.

Photo of Winding Sticks

The "Ivory" Micarta is easy to work with hand tools, sands up nicely, and looks terrific in person.

Photo of Winding Sticks

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