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Longboard Build

author-gravatar andywolo Nov 08, 2017

I decided to make my brother an extremely early Christmas gift.  Since we live in Canada, in igloos for most of the year I had to make and give it to him this summer.  Christmas day I'll bring a picture to remind him not to whine when there isn't a present for him to open.  I wanted to build him a cruiser longboard to rip around the streets of Edmonton.  He lives right off a popular street with bars and shops and likes to go up and down during the summer months.  The project took me a few weeks from start to finish and the end product was a beautiful cruiser made of walnut, maple, and padauk. 

I found these templates on a longboard site just through a google search.  At my dad's work he has a massive plotter style printer (I don't know what that is, but it prints big things).  He printed out a couple templates for me to trace onto MDF. 

I cut two different templates out of the MDF and then used them with my flush trim router bit to get the final shape for the boards.  I cut the board out using a jigsaw to give it close to final dimensions so I didn't burn out the router.

This is the board after initial glue up. 

MDF cut out and the board. I took pictures of the wrong boards halfway through but the process is still the same.  I kept one and gave one to my Bro. 

After using the flush trim router I had my final shape.  

The next step was to use a 1/4" roundover bit to give the board nice curved edges. 

after applying the first coat of poly. 

installing the trucks was actually quite a painful process since I don't have a drill press.  It was tough to get them aligned perfectly and after doing this I realized that where the holes are drilled is not ideal so hopefully he doesn't go down any major hills and have the joints come apart on him. 

trucks installed. 

My daughter had some fun on it before we gave it to my Bro. 

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Thats a sweet looking board! Thanks for sharing

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