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A Baby Cot For My Sister

author-gravatar KuffysWoodwork Jul 07, 2018

My sister had her first baby back in February of this year. She asked me to build her a baby cot and asked me to build it like a photo she found online. The design was some mass produced plastic and pressed metal garbage. So I told her that “I’ll do something a little better than that, so leave it with me and I’ll get it done.” This is what I came up with.

Made from Tasmanian Oak and a great piece of Grey Gum. It has two positions for the mattress. One position up higher when the baby can’t sit up by itself, and down lower to try and prevent the baby from escaping the baby jail when she is a little older.

Because the baby cot is a pretty huge beast, it won’t easily fit through the hallways and doorways commonly found in homes, so I built it with this in mind. It is held together with insert nuts and demon bolts. The two sides, front, back and mattress base are all individual components. This is by far the most expensive piece of “flat pack” furniture I have ever built.

If you are interested, I filmed the building process on my YouTube channel.

Let me know what you think, I am really happy with how it turned out. Cheers.

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Absolutely stunning! The figure in that huge piece of grey gum is amazing. Wow! Thanks for sharing here on SimpleCove!

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