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Cnc Cabinet

author-gravatar Sean Jan 07, 2019

I recently bought a CNC machine and needed a place to store it. I threw together a cabinet large enough to not only house the machine, but it includes plenty of storage underneath. It has 4 huge drawers and 1 compartment that has room for an adjustable shelf. The cabinet was built using three 3/4" sheets of maple plywood, one 1/2" sheet of whatever cheap plywood for the back and one sheet of 1/4" plywood for the drawer bottoms. 

Cabinet Drawing PDF Plans
Cabinet Cut List PDF 

Tools used: (affiliate links below help support what I do)
Makita track saw:
Dado stack:
Crosscut sled:
Push block for table saw:
Quick Clamps:
Bessey 50" clamps:
Kreg Pockethole jig:
Pockethole screws:
Kreg Shelfpin Jig:
Kreg Hardware Mounting Jig:
Kreg Clamp:
24" Drawer slides:
35mm bit:


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