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Sharpening Station

author-gravatar Sean Nov 17, 2019

I'm lazy when it comes to sharpening my blades. I make excuses because the stones are out of sight in my assembly table so I suffer the consequences of having to put more effort to get them to cut than I should. Well that will end today with this sharpening station. It has room for all of my sharpening gear and the top of the station has stops integrated to set the angle of the honing guide. You need one of these in your shop!

Links to supplies (affiliate links below)
Sharpening stones, plates, and ruler for Charlesworth trick

#woodworking #sharpening #waterstones #diamondplate

Photo of Sharpening Station
Photo of Sharpening Station
Photo of Sharpening Station

1 comment

Dear Sean,

can I buy plan or stop location template or shim?  Thank you   v janosik

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