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Learning Box

author-gravatar WoodGate Dec 06, 2019

I made this box as an exercise in hidden dovetails, quadrant hinges, flocking and finishing with a "French Polish". 

#dovetail #quadranthinges

Photo of Learning Box
Photo of Learning Box
Photo of Learning Box
Photo of Learning Box


Dovetails look on point. How did you like the French polishing process?

@Sean thanks! Those were done with a dovetail jig and there are mistakes on them. I filled some of the errors with sawdust and glue. But overall they came out ok. The jigs are all about setup and mine is a royal PITA to set up. 

The French polish is a lot of work. I have a few light areas that I just couldn't seem to get the shellac to build up even though I did like 20 coats. French polish is just a fancy method for applying shellac. I have not done it since. 

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