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Cedar Bench

author-gravatar harrison17 Feb 23, 2017

Besides a small practice piece, this is my first mortise and tenon project.  These were my first tusked tenons and first wedged tenons.   We had a deck put in and I had a lot of cedar scraps left so I decided I wanted a bench for the garage.  I used black walnut for the pegs and wedges. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but I hate working with cedar.  If I looked at it wrong it left a dent and it liked to tear instead of cut. Finished with a few coats of Danish oil and six coats of poly.

Pretty dirty. Wire brush took care of that

Planed up nice

It had been sitting for a couple months by the time I started working it.  After I planed it I could tell it was still wet and so I let it sit for awhile. I'm glad I did because the wood warped a little

That was a good feeling when they fit

Walnut was taken from an old small chunk of walnut my grandpa gave me that still had the bark on one side

At this point I put a chamfer under the seat, tapered the leg edges towards the seat, and cut a slight angle on the tenon going through the legs. And steamed out a million dents 

Testing it out before gluing and hammering in the wedges

Getting the tenons flush was pretty tough. I left too much material when I sawed them (no flush cut saw) so there was a lot of chisel work 

This was the last coat of poly right after I put it on 

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Love this bench! I have some wood, I was thinking of using for a bench and think this would be the perfect design. What's the height, length, and span of the legs? 

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