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Sharpening Tray

author-gravatar hampshirewoodworks Mar 30, 2017

Sharpening is a necessary evil in my shop. With all my gear always tucked away, it makes it hard to sharpen when I should. A tray is a great way to keep everything out so I can sharpen quickly and get back to work.

Photo of Sharpening Tray

Simple layout, mitered corners for speed since I didn't want to spend the time and frustration on doing dovetails with a stopped groove.

Photo of Sharpening Tray

Roughed out the handles. I wanted the front and back to have a low profile so it wouldn't interfere with sharpening. I made sure that when I ripped the two piece to thickness that I made a stopped cut in the handle pieces so they would line up nicely in the miters. After this point I just needed to clean up with some rasps and chisels.

Photo of Sharpening Tray

Good comparison of a rasped and card scraped surface will look like. On a side note, the scraper I got from Bearkat wood is the best I've ever used, hands down.

Photo of Sharpening Tray

I put a chamfer on the edges to help with chipping, and did a quick coat of canned shellac down. I need to put a few more coats on to help with water resistance.

Photo of Sharpening Tray

Loaded up and ready to go. All I need is a rag, small spray bottle, and registration board for my eclipse guide. I forgot to mention I got the idea from Chris Schwarz during his Christmas blogpost over at LostArtPress


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