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Box Joint Mallets

author-gravatar joshcraigrainey Sep 12, 2017

I wanted to try my hand at a more complicated project than I am used to.  I am starting to get more serious about the hobby and finally have space to do it in.  So I thought up this design so that I could try making box joints for the first time.  I also needed a mallet.  One of the box joint ones (the larger one) is for my friend that helped me pick up some lumber in his truck.  I am quite happy with them, though I know they aren't perfect.  I think my friend will enjoy it as well.

Edit: One thing that I didn't document, is that I used copper ball bearings in about half of them.  I used them in varying amounts to test what I liked and how hefty each one would be.  The dead blow mallets were quite nice, but I liked making both, one for finesse and one for heft.

Edit 2:  I was learning a lot about what makes the mallet better or worse structurally, as well as wanting to play around with different designs.  I really learned a lot about woodworking with this project.  Likewise, I was having quite a bit of fun making these and they seem to be decent presents for people that like to tinker in the shop, so I kept going and made a gob of them.


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