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Name Plate For Graduates

author-gravatar joshcraigrainey Aug 03, 2018

Each year I have two residents graduate and go on to be psychologists.  I always try to make a gift for them each year and this year I made name plates.  It is made from Maple that was milled from a tree cut from a previous resident's yard and from Walnut that I milled from firewood.  This represents the last step before they are called "Dr." so its a big deal and I couldn't have been more proud of them.

This was a tree cut from a previous residents yard that I milled and dried over the course of the last year.  Hopefully knowing it came from a resident will help them be reminded of their time here.

Some continued milling and deciding on which pieces looked best.

I put this pic here simply because I thought that piece was so gorgeous.

Basic dimensioning and layout, and I routed a 1/8th inch deep rectangle to put the name plate in. and routed a groove in the sides and bottom pieces to mount the main Maple piece to.

Gotta take the names out... who knows what weirdos are on this site ;)

Got a sneak peak of what it would basically look like, plus I was trying to decide between a square look and a soft/rounder look.  I ended up going round, but regretted it.

Layout of the shape I decided on.

Glue up was pretty simple.

The difference between the stains.

Finished product!  They came out nice, but I think if I were to do it again, I would keep a more square look to it.

Thanks for viewing it!

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Looks like a fun project! They will cherish them for the rest of their lives. Thanks for sharing 

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