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Fruit Basket With Compound Dovetails

author-gravatar kylelyke Jun 10, 2018

I needed a container to hold fruit/vegetables in my kitchen so they weren't just floating around on my counter. I decided on a fairly simple trough style container and finished it off with some butcher block conditioner. 

The finished product. I just used some pine I had lying around and finished it with some butcher block conditioner because it's food safe and this is intended to hold food. 

Cut out the pieces I needed from what I had lying around. The angle on the end pieces wasn't an exact measurement, I just did what looked right. It's not important to know the angle exactly because a bevel gauge can be used to get that angle. 

Using a bevel gauge to capture the angle. I keep the bevel gauge locked in at this same angle while I'm cutting that series of dovetails. It makes it easy to layout the compound dovetails correctly as well as the pin board. 

Using the same bevel gauge to layout the dovetails. Because the piece of wood the tail is going into is not square the dovetail has to be cut at an angle. 

Checking to make sure my angle is going the right direction. The cut lines should be parallel with the grain of the wood. 

Dovetail marked out

Rough cutting the dovetail

Dovetail cleaned up with a chisel. 

Another angle

Transferring the tail

The pins for dovetails should always be cut parallel with the grain. Using the bevel gauge guarantees they're being marked out correctly.  

Laying out a dado for the bottom to sit in. 

Using my homemade router plane to help clear out the dados

Cutting out handles. I drilled holes on either side of the handle and used a coping saw to remove the waste. 

All the pieces ready to be assembled. 

The bottom was rattling around a bit so I added dowels to keep it in place. Plus I like the look of the dowels. 

Thanks for taking a look!

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