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Sobotta River Table

author-gravatar swiltzius Dec 22, 2018

The Sobotta River Table is a tribute to a man who influenced my development as a craftsman. Richard Sobotta was kind, patient, and had an exceptional eye for detail. He was my wife's Grandfather. Old age caught up to him however, and he is no longer with us. He was present when the log was milled and enjoyed the thought that one of his old trees would be shaped by my hands and turned into something valuable.

I milled the logs last Fall from trees felled a year and a half earlier. Once dry, they were milled with a router sled and stabilized with epoxy. Joinery was accomplished with the Domino XL. The shelf is oak with black aniline dye followed by polyurethane. The rest of the wood received one coat of Tru-Oil followed by several of polyurethane. This table will now undergo a long term durability test, to be administered by my three kiddos. It will be used for the storage and organization of school supplies. I have plans to build another table almost identical to this one, followed by a waterfall variant. 

The top is approximately 5'4" x 19" and the table stands around 20" tall. Each leg is tapered inward at the bottom and has a very gradual arch on the bottom. This is my first attempt at a large epoxy pour, bow-ties, and flattening a slab with a router sled. I'm looking forward to the next two tables!

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Wow, great job on the table! Love the wood choice as well as the epoxy color.    

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