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Leather Wallet

author-gravatar Sean May 04, 2016

I've been learning leather craft for a few months now and wanted to make myself a new wallet so I came up with this design. You can download the plans to this wallet here. I made this wallet out of 3 ounce veg tanned cow hide that I picked up from Tandy Leather. I dyed it using an alcohol based Mahogany dye from Fiebings and waxed it using some carnauba cream. 

Products Used: (Links below are Amazon Affiliate and help me to make these videos)
Fiebings Mahogany Dye:
Fiebings Brown Edge Kote:
Pro Line 4 Prong Chisels:
Pro Line 2 Prong Chisels:
Fiebings Carnauba Creme:
Tandy Leather Stitches:
Gum Tragacanth:
Wool Daubers:
Cutting Mat:

Photo of Leather Wallet
Photo of Leather Wallet

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