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author-gravatar gareth.lintt Feb 16, 2017

Some recent projects since I have not posted pictures of anything in a while.

Maple from a piece of a recently felled tree. This piece was pretty odd shaped, I took it just to see if I could get some interesting grain patterns.

That rough grubby looking stuff is bark. Partially turned bark.

Vase made for a friend. He gave me some pieces of 8x8 post he referred to as redwood, used it for his deck so I thought that there was a decent chance of this stuff actually being redwood. Pretty sure it is red oak, particularly as that is printed on the ends of some of the post pieces.

Beeswax finish on the outside, covered inside and bottom with tung oil. And why does Chrome think that tung is not a word? WTF??

Pens from inlay blanks. These things are so easy it is almost not turning. In fact, the actual turning part of making these takes the least amount of time. But they're pretty good for practicing CA finishing techniques. And people love these things. Sold damn near as many of these as I have almost any other pen.

Walnut, Danish oil finish.

Bonus shot of Outlaw Jim* and guitar captured within the trunk of a tree. Felled a tree, shaved the top of the stump flat and these sits Jim, just waiting for the world to discover him.

* Outlaw Jim and the Whiskey Benders. Look 'em up, they're pretty damn good. Note that I am neither Jim nor affiliated with the band, I just like their music.


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