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author-gravatar gareth.lintt Feb 09, 2018

Two bowls and a cigar holder. Bowls are maple and Osage orange.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

Small Osage orange bowl, about 3" in diameter.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

With a little crack in the side.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

This is a strip of maple from a branch. It either fell or one of the branches trimmed a couple of years ago. It's about 3 foot long and 8 to 12 inches wide. Only about 2ish inches thick though, so I thought I would aim for some platter type objects.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

In execution, more bowl than platter. About 8 inches across at the rim. Lots of worm or bug tracks, which is a byproduct of turning wood so close to the bark I suppose.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

I used a pretty shallow mortise on the bottom, and it held great. Mortise is about 3/16" deep.

Photo of 2018_Bowls

Bonus cigar holder from Berea Hardwoods (


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