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author-gravatar gareth.lintt Sep 11, 2017

Spalted maple bowl / shallow dish.

This is basically what I started with. I sliced up some maple the other day, I was aiming at something around 8/4 boards, but the unguided chainsaw ensured that my 8/4 was closer to 6/4 here, 10/4 there, and various thicknesses throughout. So I suck. Regardless, I saved the outer slices I took off, cut one into a circle today and made a shallow dish. The spalting is really amazing on these pieces.

Gimmie some spalt!!

Close(ish) up of the inside. You can see where the insects were playing. This bowl / dish thing is about 1/4 inch thick. I did not want to go any thinner out of fear of pieces deciding to move of their own accord. The surface texture on both the inside and outside is smooth but you can really feel the insect runs you see here. Interesting juxtaposition. Not sure that I like it much, but it's interesting.


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