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author-gravatar gareth.lintt Sep 20, 2017

Two bowls, one pecan and the other from my piece of driftwood.


Green wood, about 7-3/4 in dia. Been done with it for about an hour now and it is still round. I am wondering how much this guy will move.

About 1/8 in thick. Pretty sure that this is the first time I turned thin enough to see light through the wood. So I surprised myself there.

Heartwood? Sapwood? Yeah, no clue because it is really white wood from just inside the bark to the middle. The darker stuff in the pile here is bark.

Another small bowl from my piece of driftwood.

The cracks - upper left and lower right - are the pith from the small branch I brought home. The whole piece was about 3" by 4", not large enough for me to cut the pith out and turn the remainder. So it stayed and made pretty designs.


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