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The Dodecagon Clock

author-gravatar ZKCL Oct 11, 2018

Here's a step by step guide on how I built this clock:

01- I took out my miter gauge which came with the DW745 table saw. It's a piece of plastic joke so I did not trust the angles even though I had modified it to be a little better than original. I double taped a sacrificial board to make repetitive cuts.

02- I didn't want to waste my good wood so I tried the cuts with some scrap plywood. The first try was way off.

03- The second try was better but still not good enough.

04- Finally, after the third trial, I left the gauge as it is.

05- I took out a paulownia board and made two identical cuts (plus the small scrap).

06- I placed the cut on my miter gauge and went through with it.

07- First piece is out!

08- I turned the wood to the other side and kept turning it until I was out of wood.

09- It's basically mass production now.

10- Three pieces almost make a 90 degree quarter.

11- But I had a slight mistake with the gauge. Multiply that by 12, it turns into a bigger mistake and one of my pieces cannot fit!

12- Nothing I can't fix with some sanding. I went through all the sides with some sandpaper. 20 times with 120 grit and 5 times with 320 grit.

13- It all worked out at the end. There are slight gaps but nothing some wood putty can't fix.

14- I took out my router with a 45 degree chamfer bit.

15- This is what I wanted it to look like.

16- I started glueing the pieces. I did not have any kind of clamp to hold this odd shape so I had to trust the glue itself.

17- In the end it turned out fine.

18- I sanded the back and front with my orbital sander. 80 grit, 120 grit and 320 grit.

19- The edges were not properly aligned so I sanded them off by hand. It turned out fine.

20- I was really stressed out with the center drilling process. I feared that the drill would break the pieces. I started off making a shallow hole on the back to prevent tear off.

21- Then I drilled the front all the way down. There was no tear off luckily!

22- I drew the clock mechanism on the back. I was not careful and it turned out to be misaligned with the 12 lines. Noone will notice it from the front though. So no big deal!

23- I drilled some holes within the lines.

24- After half an hour of chiseling and sanding it was complete.

25- I hot glued the mechanism to the back.

26- It was time for some teak oil and it's finished :)

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Love the clock, very creative! Thanks for sharing here on SimpleCove!

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