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In this guild build we will be creating the School Box project as outlined in the book 'The Joiner and the Cabinetmaker' (Lost Art Press).  This is a very useful small toolbox and is an excellent intro to hand tool joinery and woodworking. It's also a very satisfying and fun project for the well initiated.  I've built one of these already but it was so enjoyable and inexpensive that I am building another.

Not only will you hone some of the hand tool basics and have really useful box, but Popular Woodworking have very generously offered to give away the following to those who participate. The winners will be chosen at random. To be eligible, all you have to do is follow along and build your own School box (and live in the US). This will be done over the course of several weeks, so there is plenty of time. Previously built School Boxes are welcomed for inspiration, but not eligible for prize entry. 

Popular Woodworking Magazine Subscriptions (or renewal) 
“Mastering Hand Tools,” by Christopher Schwarz (2-DVD set)
“Choosing, Refurbishing & Using Joinery Handplanes” by Bill Anderson (2-DVD set)
“Make a Traditional English Tool Chest,”by Christopher Schwarz (2-DVD set)
“Build a Hand-crafted Bookcase,” by Christopher Schwarz
“Popular Woodworking Magazine 1995-2015”
SimpleCove.com t-shirts (provided by Sean) (x3)

Here are some more links to introduce you to the project. Also I will be detailing the build here and will be available to answer any questions
Detailed free plans from Popular Woodworking (includes materials list)
Sketchup Model
Build video narrated by Chris Schwarz (~25 minutes)

Kieran's schoolbox build - https://overthewireless.com/category/joinery/joiner-cabinet-maker/

One post will be added on a weekly basis outlining the steps to create the Schoolbox. 

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