How To Fix Gaps In Your Dovetails

author-gravatar Sean May 24, 2017

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Look, I'm not perfect when it comes to woodworking, and especially when I cut dovetails. In this video I show you how I fix the gaps that I have in the blanket chest.

Topics covered in this video

- How to cut shims using the dovetail waste pieces
- Checking the fit of the shim and then gluing it in
- Removing excess shim with flush trim saw
- Sanding and wiping down with denatured alcohol to see what it will look like with finish on it

It's important that we continue to get better at woodworking, but we also need to remember that we will all make mistakes. What makes us the awesome people we are is, we can fix these mistakes with the tools we know how to use. Be proud of your work!

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Great method of fixing dovetail issues! Good stuff Sean!

I had about 4 places to fix and prefer this method, it works great. Thanks for watching Donny!

@DonnyCarter  said:

Great method of fixing dovetail issues! Good stuff Sean!

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